City of Adair Village – Raw Water Intake Re-Design

Civil West was retained by the City of Adair Village to design a reconstruction of their raw water intake on the Willamette River.  The current intake was built in the 1940s to serve Camp Adair, an Army/Air Force base serving approximately 40,000 servicemen and support staff.  The screen on the intake consisted of a course bar screen on the side of the intake structure and was connected to the river by a hand-dug channel approximately 20’ away from the edge of the river.  Because the City (current population: 800) is using considerably less water, this channel will often silt in and requires work in the river to clear the path.

During preliminary design, Civil West was in contact with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to develop an intake screen that would meet current fish screening requirements.  During the course of those initial conversations between ODFW and Civil West, it became evident that the City would qualify for the ODFW Fish Screening and Passage Cost Share Program.  This program reduced the cost to the City by over 60% of the total project costs and allowed the City to contribute hours, in lieu of money, to the overall project cost.

Without the pre-design coordination and supplemental discussions with affected agencies, this program would not have been identified and the City would have struggled to fund this necessary improvement.  Civil West is always looking for funding assistance programs for our clients and is happy to have helped many obtain grants when none were expected.


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